Europe: Greek garden

It is July. In a Greek pine forest in Rethymno, after wandering a bit, you may notice some 
trees without bases. No initial trunks, hung with transparent wires (the wires are unseen).
The Greek heat makes you delirious and after the third or fourth tree without a base, 
everything seems dreamlike.
This surreal atmosphere, mixed with the loud chirping symphony of crickets,
is adorned with the small climbing plants placed exactly under the hanging trees. 
Where the base should have been.
The warm breeze of the pine trees, where the Greeks once theorized the foundations of Western 
society, makes your eyelids droop. 
Now, with narrowed eyes, it is even feasible to imagine a Europe without Greece; a tree 
without its base!
But the climbing plants could hold up the rest of the trunk, replacing the missing base, 
giving a new green appearance, covering the surface of the pine. Even small branches 
will be green...

This is just a hypothesis, a possibility. You will see in a year ... or more

But one thing is clear:  The tree is dry inside.