The seesaw with two chairs automatically, slowly and randomly changes its position and every now and then one of the chairs is on top for a random period of time. the aspect of the seesaw is timeless through colorless and dusty form of chairs and the base.The movement is random and slow, so the position of two chairs is not predictable. They even could be in balance or staying in their position for a long time.
There -on the opposite wall- are 67 photographies of important chairs in the history of contemporary and ancient story and cultures. As kings and queen’s, torture’s chairs, religious ones and famous sofa like Khomeini’s ecc
Staying in the space for a while gives the visitor the chance to perceive smoothly these changes with the background historical chairs. Although the movement is not immediately noticeable.
In this video I speeded up the movement about ten times to make it possibly visible for a short video presentation.