It was…The sea…

22 June 2018 at Villa Tittoni (Desio)

The visual impact of the exhibited prepares the viewer for a ritual:
Many numbered envelopes containing people’s stories who I met during my volountry work in asylemn seaker’s centers. The path of the letters leads to a room full of boats, visually too many; fragile, heavy, clay boats which inside are painted in blue … Some are broken.1
Here the visitor also notes the numbers engraved on the boats: perhaps that of the letters was an intimate invitation to read and know the history of each boat. Simple, painful, funny or full of hope and courage: a human story. In this way, each boat acquires a human face.
In my opinion, the human stories represent the only salvation from any rhetorical prejudice.

The exhibition was developed in three different rooms.
-The path indicated by letters began in the first room. Visitor could choose the numbered letters and read the stories inserted in the envelopes.

-In the second room (Rococo style room), the path led the visitor to the columns of boats connected with the torn rags.

-In the third room (Neo-Gothic), the path of the letters finally guided the visitor to the source of the rustling of the waves that could be heard from the first room. many boats lie in the hall. boats numbered like the stories read along the exhebition path.

photo: Francesco Di Biase